Change time zone in subscription

All alerts being send from a subscription will be send with the timestamp of the RMS, which by default is the from the timezone where the RMS is located. To change this behavior you need to either change the timezone on the RMS before you create the subscription or change the timezone value in the Noification.Internal.Library MP. The problem in doing this is when you change a modified subscription it will be reset to the default timezone value. So every time you modify a subscription you need to export and modify the MP to set it back.

This process explains how to modify the MP to handle different timezones.

1. In the OpsMgr Console go to Administration 2. Select Management Pack 3. Right click Notification Internal Library and select Export Management pack… 4. Open the MP XML file in a text editor, search for the name of your subscription, in this case the name of the subscription is “TEST”.

5. Search the XML file for the “DisplayString ElementID” value, in this case it is “Subscription78329138_e4e7_4e74_b145_1eff276f4c4f”, this will bring you to another section of the XML file

6. Change the value between the <TimeZone> and </TimeZone> to change the timezone of the subscription.

NOTE: I haven’t found an easy way to find the correct timezone value. The process I have used is to change the Timezone on the OS, then create a subscription, export the Noification.Internal.Library MP and take the value from there.

7. Save the MP xml file and re-import the MP in OpsMgr by Right clicking Management packs in the OpsMgr Console and selecting Import Management Packs 8. In the Import Management packs window click Add and select Add from disk

9. Click Yes to the Online catalog Connection window. 10. Select the MP file and click Open 11. Click Install in the Import Management Packs Window 12. Close the Import Management Packs window 13. Test the modified subscriptions

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