Error: 0xC0000001 when PXE booting mulitple PC’s at the same time

Last week I encountered a time consuming issue by a customer. When trying to PXE boot 10 PC’s at the same time from a ConfigMgr 2012 distribution point that was running on a workstation, I got the following error on at least 1/3 of the PC’s.


The error always occurred during TFTP Transfer.

After several hours of troubleshooting I turned to Wireshark (should have done that earlier). I found that the PC’s that stopped during the TFTP transfer suddenly stopped receiving data from the PXE point.

I then started using Wireshark on the PXE point, it looked like the PXE point simply couldn’t manage the load of 10 simultaneous PXE booting computers.

That made me look at the advanced network adapter settings in the device manager. I changed the Receive and Transmit buffers from 512 to 2048.



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