Changing the SCUP Database location

When installing and configuring System Center Update Publisher 2011 (SCUP), the SCUP database is automatically added to the %LOCALAPPDATA% folder, this means that only the person who installs SCUP will have access to the SCUP Console. To resolve this issue, the database must be moved to a location where all users of the SCUP console has access. This post explains how.

1. Logged in as the user who installed SCUP 2011, Go to “%LOCALAPPDATA %\Microsoft\System Center Updates Publisher 2011\5.00.1727.0000”

2. Copy the scupdb.sdf to a location where all users who will be using the SCUP console has access.

3. Open “C:\Program Files (x86)\System Center Up-dates Publisher 2011\Scup2011.exe.config” file in an Elevated Notepad:

4. Insert the Bold text:

Before Change

<applicationSettings> <Scup.Properties.Settings> <setting name=”SSCEDataFile” serializeAs=”String”> </value> </setting> </Scup.Properties.Settings> </applicationSettings>

After Change

<applicationSettings> <Scup.Properties.Settings> <setting name=”SSCEDataFile” serializeAs=”String”> <value><NEW PATH></value> </setting> </Scup.Properties.Settings> </applicationSettings>

5. Save the file

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