Create Dynamic Group with Health Watchers

When creating a dynamic group in OpsMgr 2007 R2 containing computer objects. Then only the Computer object class will be added to the group. To add the Health Watchers to the dynamic group do the following:

Create the dynamic group

1. Create the dynamic group by going to Authoring, right click Groups and select Create a new group 2. Enter a Name for the group and click the New button to create a new Management Pack, or select an existing management pack by using the drop down menu.

3. Click Next to Explicit members 4. Click the Create/Edit Rules… button on the Dynamic members page

5. Create your dynamic rule by selecting the class in the drop down window, Click Add, select the operator and type in the value. Click OK to confirm your selection

6. Click Next to the Dynamic members page 7. Click Next to the subgroups page 8. Click Create to the Excluded members page The group has been created, verify that the group has members by right clicking the group and selecting View Group Members

Modifying the Management pack

1. Go to Administration and select Management Packs 2. Find the management pack you selected/created earlier, right click the MP and select Export Management Pack 3. Select where to export the MP to. 4. Click OK to the export confirmation box 5. Browse the MP in an explorer and open the exported MP in a text editor (I use notepad). 6. Search for <MembershipRules>. The membership rules make up the dynamic group. 7. Now we need to add the code to include the health watchers. Open up watchers.xml available at and copy the xml code.

Here is the code:



8. Paste this code after the first </MembershipRule> and before </MembershipRules> then save the file

IMPORTANT: Copy the <MonitoringClass>xxxx</MonitoringClass> line from the MP code to the corresponding line in the watcher.xml code. Do the same for the <RelationshipClass>xxxx</RelationshipClass> line.

9. Save the MP xml file and re-import the MP in OpsMgr by Right clicking Management packs in the OpsMgr Console and selecting Import Management Packs 10. In the Import Management packs window click Add and select Add from disk

11. Click Yes to the Online catalog Connection window. 12. Select the MP file and click Open 13. Click Install in the Import Management Packs Window 14. Close the Import Management Packs window 15. Go back to your group and verify that the watcher icon appears in the list. (NOTE: it might take a few minutes for the Watcher Icon to show up in the list)

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